Ultimate Guide to Eating Out

Eating out at restaurants or events is one of the most challenging feats to your eating plan. Not only do you not have any certainty of what will be on offer, but additonally, not all restaurants offer food that is low carb or low sugar. Not all restraurants are wiling or able to change their [...]

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4 Good Reasons to Consume Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for errr-thang! From cooking and baking with it, to using for oil pulling, using it on my skin and anything else in between that you can think of. For info on some of the ways I use coconut oil see this post, but here I’d like to share 4 good reasons [...]

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Coconut Oil: 6 Common Uses

Coconut oil is something I use every single day, for various things. It is the most versatile oil you can have in your home and there are a number of great ways to use it. I’d like to share with you my favourite 6 uses for coconut oil, and hope to at least inspire you [...]

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