Keto Liver Detox Programme – by Banting Foodie


Programme Contains:

Food Guidelines

14 Day Mealplan


Complete Supplements Protocol

Symptoms checking list


Product Description

Struggling with fatigue? Poor digestion? Not shedding that extra weight?

It’s time to detox, keto style!

  • Most detox protocols use fruit juices, and other insulin spiking foods – and insulin promotes the storage of toxins in your fat cells
  • If you have insulin resistance, PCOS, unexplainable weight gain or digestive disorders– you need to mobilise your liver and clear it out, without further stimulating insulin production
  • This programme outlines exactly how to remove stagnation from your liver, mobilse your digestion and clear out the clutter from your gut
  • The Keto Liver Detox programme guides you on what to do and eat, in order to detox your liver and colon, take back your health and start feeling vibrant again!
  • In only two weeks, you will be set to see the results you want!