The Case for Low Carb Kids

A question that most parents who are starting a low carb / ketogenic diet have, is weather or not this way of eating is safe for young children. Most of us were raised on cereals and sandwiches, and it breaks our brains to think that any other way of eating is safe for a growing child and provides the adequate amounts of nutrients to fuel a developing body.

To answer this question, lets have a look at what a high carb diet has done to today’s children. There is now, more than ever before in the recorded history of human link, the greatest epidemic of childhood obesity. There is a growing epidemic of ADHD. More and more children are finding it difficult to develop cognitively and are dealing with chronic illnesses like cancer, at an increasingly younger age.

Medically, children have been “prescribed” the ketogenic diet, with great success, for epilepsy, treatment for cancer and ADHD, to name a few. If the ketogenic diet works so well to treat these diseases, surely it is the ideal diet to feed our children in order to prevent these diseases to start with? What makes us believe that eating a high proportion of carbs is good for a child, when curing the diseases that are caused by a high carb diet, is achieved through a low carb diet? Newborn babies who are breastfed are primarily ketogenic. The calories they receive are derived primarily from the fat in their mother’s milk. Fat is essential for brain development and optimal cellular growth. Feeding our kids cereals with fat free milk is not only devoid of nutrition, but also toxic in the long term.

All the evidence points to a low carb high fat diet being incredibly beneficial for both children and adults. The right question to ask then is not weather or not a low carb diet is safe for children, but rather if the standard food pyramid diet is safe for our children.

“but my kid will only eat pizza..”

Sorry to say, but YOU are the adult and therefore you bear the responsibility for what foods your children get used to eating. No child s capable of driving themselves to the nearest takeaway and ordering themselves junk food, the adults in their lives do that for them. Abdicating your responsibility for your children’s eating habits is just unfortunate.

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