Bulletproof Coffee is a term that was first coined by Dave Asprey (the self named Bulletproof Exec). It refers to a drink made from premium grade coffee (notably his own brand), with butter and Brain Octane Oil (also his own brand) – which is a medium chain triglyceride or MCT oil. This has been popularised quite rampantly in Low Carb and Paleo circles, in recent times, with a number of different variations being thought of along the way. Simply put, Bulletproof coffee, has become a term synonymous with any coffee that contains butter.

Err…butter…in my coffee..? Yes indeed! Stranger things have happened. For real.

Fat, as you know by now, is a slow release energy source that does not spike your blood sugars and leaves your insulin unaffected, thereby allowing you constant and sustained energy throughout the day. This is the premise for the use of butter in coffee. The combination of ingredients used in this beverage leads you getting an injection of energy, sustained alertness and sharp metal agility. Because BPC does not spike insulin and leaves you satiated while supporting a state of ketosis, it can also lead to improvements in weight management. Many a celebrity and sportman have confessed to drinking BPC and credit it for their edge (man, if I’d known this as a kid, I just might have made the school athletic team, but alas!). All kinds of people, from those looking to control their appetites and get over sugar cravings, to heavy weight lifters, to busy executives, are swearing by the wonders of bulletproof coffee – and with good reason. If you’ve tried it, for at least a week, you’ll know the difference it makes to the start of your morning.

In order to derive maximum benefit from drinking bulletproof (or butter) coffee, the quality of your ingredients really does matter. Don’t bother using instant coffee varieties with this. The butter must be grassfed. Cows that are fed grains or soy do not produce dairy of good quality and you need a high quality fat source for this coffee. MCT oil is derived from coconut oil and some people actually prefer to use coconut oil. I would recommend using 100% MCT oil because you want the cleanest and best access to the MCT’s without it being diluted, spoon for spoon, by the other components in coconut oil. Definitely avoid using sugar. If you would like to sweeten it a bit, consider using 1/2 teaspoon of xylitol or a drop of stevia. You do not AT ALL want to give your body an opportunity to spike your insulin and counter the magnificent effects of having slow, sustained, insulin free energy.

Typically, BPC is used as a meal replacement for breakfast. Very rarely, I will have it alongside a breakfast meal, if I will be in back-to-back meetings the whole day and wont get a chance to sit down for lunch. It has been used to support intermittent fasting (known as bulletproof fasting), where you would consume the coffee at some point during the fasting window, in order to avoid feeling hungry, until your mealtime. It is very calorie dense (in the best possible way) but if you are watching both your carbs and calories, keep in mind that a single cuppa could add in axcess of 500 calories to your regimen.


My take on butter coffee incorporates some anti inflammatories, and is rich and creamy.


1 cup high quality coffee

30g grassfed unsalted butter (using salted butter in coffee would just be a shame)

30ml heavy cream (optional)

1 – 2 Tbsp MCT Oil

1 tsp turmeric powder

½ tsp cinnamon

½ tsp vanilla



Place all of the ingredients in a glass jar blender

Blend on high for 30 seconds, until a frothy “foam” forms on top

Pour into a large mug / mason jar and enjoy, whilst telling your day how its about to get conquered


Using coffee, butter and MCT oil as a base, you can pretty much play with the flavours and combinations to suit your palate. You can try adding a teaspoon of raw cacao powder for a chocolatey undertone. You can also add coriander and cumin for a more middle eastern flavour. My favourite is to add an egg yolk, from a pasture raised hen, for some protein and added cholesterol (yes, cholesterol is actually good for you!). Try it, for a minimum of one whole week before decididng on weather it’s a keeper for you or not. As always, listen to your body and take your queues from there – even with bulletproof coffee.

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